Functional flexibility course December 2022

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Course themes
Misconceptions about flexibility as an essential component of physical fitness
The difference between flexibility and ductility
Modern and innovative methods to improve the softness of the body
How to use a foam roller to improve utilization and speed recovery
Are body parts affected in anthropomorphism?
Muscle massage gun is a commercial illusion or an effective tool?
What is the stretching technique that achieves better results than fixed stretches?
Do resistance training?
Designing a comprehensive program to increase body stability during sports performance
An example of designing an integrated program that achieves flexibility in the shortest period of time
Course details

The number of hours of the course

9 hours

The course starts at


The lecturer

Ehab Abu Ela
Sports coach, lecturer, author and international trainer


The trainee obtains an accredited certificate from the American Council on Exercise (CECs) (ACE).

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