Child Nutrition Course

Healthy nutrition is important during the stages of growth and childhood, as mental and physical development develops during these stages of life
The children’s nutrition course focuses on a comprehensive understanding of children’s nutrition during the different stages of childhood, starting from the nutritional elements and the child’s need for them, through calculating the daily need of calories, leading to the ability to prepare and design nutritional programs for children, in addition to providing students with the skill and knowledge in developing the child’s healthy behavior. And modifying his behavior towards food. And developing ideas for integrated school meals
Therefore, in this session, we were keen to provide modern, advanced and diverse scientific information that meets your needs and scientific aspirations, God willing.

🔹 Proper nutrition and children
• The importance of proper nutrition for the child
• The most common malnutrition disease during childhood

🔹 Nutrients and their importance during childhood
• Macronutrients (vitamins and minerals), their types and importance
•Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), their types and importance

🔹The child's daily calorie needs
• Daily calories for children aged (2-18 years)
• Explanation of weight and height tables for children                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    to calculating calories and distributing them according to the child’s needs
🔹Preparing and designing nutritional programs for children
• The steps taken to develop a complete program for the child
• Nutrition of the child athlete                                                                                          • Practical application (case study)

🔹Developing healthy behavior in children
• Encouraging children to eat healthy
• Ideas for integrated school meals                                                                                  • Ways to overcome the problem of a child being selective in eating

Course details
Number of course hours
10 training hours (online)
The course begins on 12/5/2024


Dr. Osama Mahran

Obesity and weight management specialist
Certified international lecturer in sports nutrition

🔹At the end of the course you will be able to
• Acquiring knowledge and information about child nutrition at different stages of childhood
• How to deal with choosing children’s food and determining the appropriate nutritional elements for their needs                                                                                • Knowing how to calculate the daily calorie requirement and plan daily nutritional meals                                                                                                                                  • The ability to design nutritional programs for children                                                • The ability to design nutritional programs for children athletes
• Identifying the most important nutritional supplements used with children according to need                                                                                                                              • The ability to implement a special program (case study) in children’s nutrition            • Acquiring the necessary skills in promoting and developing healthy eating behavior


The trainee obtains an accredited certificate from

US National Council on Strength and Fitness NCSF-CECs