A beautiful mind and a flexible soul

Praise be to God, who created for us these minds and these souls in the best of creation, without deficiency or addition, and commanded us to preserve and develop them under what He loves and is pleased with. Many of us do not overlook the importance of the effect of regular exe...

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مكمل الكيرياتين 

Title: Creatine supplement the introduction:What makes creatine an essential supplement?Compelling evidence supports the safety of creatine monohydrate (monohydrate), as well as its ability to enhance power production and anaerobic endurance during weight training. Providing the...

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Yoga between the past and the present

What is yoga? How did ancient traditional Indian practices turn into a modern sport that everyone praises for its benefits on the body and mind?? A question that may come to many minds recently due to the widespread awareness among the public about the importance of movement and...

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Why is it recommended to drink water while exercising?

Why is it recommended to drink water while exercising? Drinking enough water while exercising helps to increase the athlete's sense of comfort, and this enables him to perform exercises more effectively and for a longer period. Where the heart can pump blood to the body without...

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What is personal training? Is it profitable?

According to global market research, the IBIS stated that the personal training industry is reaching $ 10 billion annually, and it is growing continuously. Therefore, the field of personal training is one of the best areas that can be chosen in the field of sports and fitness. I...

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What is the BFR "blood flow Restriction" exercise?

o was in a Buddhist ceremony and seated in a way that traps blood in the calf muscle (the duck), and he felt it burning, similar to the burning sensation that he feels during resistance exercises, so he tried to tie the top of his muscles until it simulates the same effect Burnin...

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