Women's training course in May 2024

Women's training is considered one of the important areas in physical fitness because women have a unique body structure and anatomical structure. In this course, we give you the opportunity to better understand the anatomical and physiological characteristics of women’s body systems and functions, the practical applications of group classes (Plates, Swiss Bull, TRX, HIIT, Aerobics) and the applications of resistance training for women, as well as designing the training program for women.

📍Online theoretical axes

• Basics of muscular anatomy
• Control muscle exercises for women
• Balance exercises for all balance systems in the body
• Resistance training for women to build muscle and lose weight according to hormonal changes
• Practical tests for injury prevention for women

📍Practical attendance axes

• Practical applications on corrective exercises
(upper crossed syndrome - lower crossed syndrome - over head squat)
• Warm up, cool down, flexibility and foam roll
• Practical applications for resistance training (equipment - freestyle - body weight - resistance tools)
• Resistance training systems (Super Set - Drop Set - Circular)

• Stability exercises
• Body weight Pilates
• Swissball
• Bootcamp
• Hiit
• Aerobic

• Karvonen equation
• Design a training program for postpartum rehabilitation
• Exercise alternatives according to common injuries

Course details

The number of course hours is 30 training hours
6 hours online
24 hours my work hours
The course begins on 05/10/2024


Ihab Abu El-Ela
PhD researcher
ACSM Certified Lecturer
Master in Personal Training
Europe Active
K. Nima Othman
Certified international trainer
Certified international lecturer in sports training
K. Abeer Mohammed
Physical education teacher
Sports nutrition specialist
European Union certified personal trainer
K. Nirvin Ashram
Certified international lecturer
Certified international trainer

📍At the end of the course you will be able to:

♦️ Identify the structural anatomical characteristics and the effect of exercise on a woman’s body
♦️Knowing the common injuries among women of all ages, knowing practical tests to prevent injuries, and knowing alternatives to exercises depending on the injury.
♦️Knowledge of exercises to build muscle and lose weight according to hormonal changes

🎯  Group classes

♦️The ability to hold a group Boot Camp class
♦️The ability to do a group Pilates class with body weight
♦️The ability to conduct a group aerobic class
♦️The ability to hold a TRX group class
♦️The ability to hold a group class, Hiit

♦️The ability to hold a group Swissball class
♦️The ability to design a training program for postpartum rehabilitation
♦️Practical applications on resistance training devices


The trainee obtains a certificate accredited by the American Exercise Council (ACE-CECs).