Personal Trainer Course - NCSF

Fitness Pioneers Academy offers a certified personal trainer course certified by National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF) in accordance with European standards, for a period of 80 accredited training hours, in which you achieve your goals and ambitions in the field of sports training, for the first time the lectures in Arabic and the book in Arabic, the book in Arabic, as well as the exam in Arabic.

It is your chance to become a trainer / trainer with a certificate accredited by the NCSF, one of the strongest global bodies in the field of fitness and training.

This course is considered one of the most important and basic courses for those wishing to enter the sports field as a coach.

It is the course that prepares you to become:

Certified Personal Trainer

The course consists of 80 credit hours of training, consisting of two parts, theoretical and practical

It is provided by a group of distinguished lecturers

Book + lectures + test in Arabic 👍

Surprise session free gift🎁 for all subscribers
Free Course Entitled: Leadership in Personal Training 
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