Tape cource

Almost 40 years ago, adhesive tape was invented by a Japanese scientist, and 20 years ago it began to spread strongly in the Olympics and football stadiums. After it showed great results with athletes, the theory of adhesive tape indicates that it reduces pain - helps joint stability - reduces swelling after Injury and helps with muscle building - helps stimulate the brain to muscles - increases blood flow to muscles and other benefits With this course you will learn everything you need as a trainer and athlete about duct tape

Course themes

• The difference between flexible and non-elastic adhesive tape
• Physiological effects of adhesive tape on the muscular system
• Different uses of adhesive tape
• Skills in using adhesive tape
• Practical applications for using adhesive tape during resistance exercises
• Practical applications for using adhesive tape to treat common sports injuries

Course details

The number of hours of the course

6 hours


The course starts at


The lecturer

Ehab Abu Ela
Certified trainer in sports training, lecturer, author and international trainer


The trainee obtains an accredited certificate from the American Council on Exercise (CECs) (ACE).