Fitness course for seniors April 2024

Aging is one of the natural changes that a person experiences, and as a person gets older, he needs a special way of dealing with and lifestyle to prevent or reduce the risk of diseases. This has prompted many people to practice physical activity, which is considered an important factor for the elderly, and here the trainer must be fully aware of the changes that occur to the body with age, and how to deal with them through appropriate physical activities.

Course benefits
- Identify the physiological changes associated with aging
- Important instructions in training the elderly and their fitness programs
- Designing resistance training programs for the elderly.

Course topics
- Physiological changes and aging
- Elements of physical fitness and aging
- Muscle strength and aging
- Special considerations for training older people
- Fitness training for the elderly
- Fitness programs for the elderly
- Resistance training for the elderly
- Resistance training programs for the elderly

Prof. Dr. Ziad Issa Zayed
Professor of Physiology of Physical Effort and Fitness
Certified international lecturer for several entities
K. Ihab Abu El-Ela
Certified sports coach, lecturer, author and international coach

Course details
Number of course hours
It is 15 hours of online training
The course begins on

The trainee obtains a certificate accredited by the American Council on Exercise (CECs)
Special Discount
Only 480 riyals instead of 1200 riyals