Afnan Ahmed Afnan Ahmed


The beginning of my sports career was as an amateur player, and I searched for a long time for a course that would help me become a certified trainer. The Fitness Pioneers Academy was the first step, and thank God, in turn, the personal trainer fulfilled my dream. The content was very wonderful and useful, full of valuable information, and the lecturers were at the top of professionalism and always responsive, The program was integrated in all respects, and I advise everyone who wants to make their mark in the sports field to join the courses for fitness pioneers
And I joined the role of a soccer specialist. It completely changed my outlook on training and helped me a lot personally in the beginning of the treatment of kyphosis in the back. Information and secrets about soccer that you will only learn from the fitness pioneers, and special thanks to Captain Ehab Abu El-Ela
And thanks to all members of the Academy for their cooperation and constant interest even after the end of the courses

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