Shaima Al Shahrani Shaima Al Shahrani

Certified Trainer

I am currently working as a personal trainer at the star fitness club, Khamis Mushait.

The beginning of my athletic career was with the Fitness Pioneers Academy, and I started with them the first course of 2019, which is the strongest workers course, and I completed the courses with them during the period of the Corona pandemic, and this period was considered a fertile period with information, and the following certificates became:

1- Muscular anatomy and integrated training "became in all the names of the muscles used internationally, their regions in the body, their origin and amalgamation, the types of muscles and the names of the bones."

2- Injuries and sports rehabilitation “I became familiar with the types of injuries and the method of dealing and first aid for each injury.”

I started exercising, starting from the start, the women's exercises, the way to do the exercises correctly."

4- Club Management “I learned the way to distribute all kinds of devices in clubs, and how to deal with a problem facing the club manager.”
5- Sports Psychology "I learned how to deal with trainees"

6- Comprehensive Nutrition Program “I learned nutritional tables according to a person’s need and goal, nutrients
All kinds, vitamins and types of diets

7- Leadership in personal training "I learned how to deal with the trainee professionally"

8- Personal training course level 4