Hanan Shukri Hanan Shukri


After I took the anatomy course with Captain Ehab, I liked his style of explanation and repeated the experience, but I was focused on his lecture only, and frankly, all his lectures are more beautiful than some, but with his advice, I started entering development courses for second professors, the first of which was the sports lecturer, and I saw a distinguished group of distinguished professors, Dr. Hossam Barakat and Dr. Ahmed Al-Amin And Dr. Ziad, we learned a lot from them over the course of more than a month

Since then, I have entered any course for pioneers and I am closed to my confidence in them and because I realized the importance of the development courses, especially when the lecturer’s style is easy and enjoyable, and the last courses were the persistence course by Dr. Talaat and physical activity for the elderly by Dr. Ziad, may God protect them, pregnancy and physical exercises by Dr. Hala and Captain Neama, and all of them are more beautiful than some

Thank you to the fitness pioneers, and a special thanks to Captain Ehab, who, through my meetings with him at Ask, and the specialist answered, loved me and everyone who was following us in sports anatomy and at the Fitness Pioneers Academy

And of course, thanks to the heroes who organize in silence and always cooperate with us, A. Mel and A. Youssef

May all of you be rewarded

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