Nutrition after gastrectomy

an introduction

gastrectomy in surgery is difficult, and can also be complication
The diet after gastrectomy is one of the most important basics that must be followed to achieve the goal of the sleeve gastrectomy. Therefore, the Fitness Academy offers a post-circulation nutrition course to spread awareness and give sports coaches

This course is for us

Dr. Hisham Gouda

Lecturer in sports nutrition
Therapeutic Nutritionist
CPT-ISSA Certified International Coach


Duration of the course

tow days



Sports after gastric sleeve

Know the psychological reasons that prevent you from achieving what you want

How to radically change

Drinking water

healthy sleep



gastric sleeve

Sleeve gastrectomy and diet

accreditation body

US National Council on Strength and General Fitness NCSF


the price

Before discount: 600 SAR

After discount: 91 SAR

85% discount on the occasion of the Saudi National Day