Practical exercise oct

There is no doubt that practical training inside the gym is one of the most important methods of training so that the trainer can install the information in a practical way on the equipment and apply the exercises in a correct way according to the correct technique for each exercise

And in order to ensure that we hold a comprehensive, robust course for all the coach’s needs, a “Practical Exercises Manual” book, which combines theory and practice in a professional manner, was provided, which was written and reviewed by experts in sports training.

In addition, this course has been accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine, one of the most powerful sports training bodies in the world, in order for the coach to obtain the strongest information and the best accreditation.

Course themes

• Aerobic exercises
• Applications of resistance devices
• Cardio applications
• Free weights apps
• Tools and equipment used in the club
• Body weight exercises apps
• Group fitness training
• High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)



Course details

Course hours

It consists of 30 accredited training hours





Target group

• Fitness trainers in health clubs
• Fitness coaches for sports teams
• physical load planners
• physical education teachers
• Those interested in the field of health and sports
• Practicing healthy physical activity
• Physiotherapist
• Measurements and Rehabilitation Specialist
• Male and female students of faculties of sports sciences and physical education
• Health club goers



Course benefits

This course is an actual practical application within the club on all sports equipment, tools and equipment and thus will help you to link theoretical information and knowledge with the practical side, which develops your ability to deal with sports tools in the club

One of the advantages of this course is that you will learn many new skills on the practical side through practical scientific lectures presented by experts in the field and supported by a book of practical exercises guide as a reference for trainers


At the end of the course you will be able to

• Dealing with all sports equipment and tools inside the club
• Experimenting and applying performance methods for various exercises
• Develop your practical skills as a professional fitness trainer that combines knowledge and practice
• Supervising your own training program or applied subscriber programs



for men

Prof. Ziad Issa Zayed
c. Mohamed Ali
c. Mahmoud Moroccan

for women

Dr.. Hala Trabelsi
c. Maha Al-Ghamdi
c. Abeer Mohammed
c. Nima Abdel Razek

course gift

ACSM Accredited Course by the American College of Sports Medicine

Pregnancy and exercise

Free for participants of the practical training course