Hozan Rafah Hozan Rafah


Good evening ?

The personal training course is a real wonderful course in the Fitness Pioneers Academy,,,,

And I took my first diploma in physical fitness with Pioneers of Fitness, and it was very wonderful.

I also signed up for the nutrition program.


The personal training course is fun, enthusiastic and organized

Starting from A.D. Ziyad Issa Zayed, blessed be the Merciful, in his detailed explanation of the most wonderful and enthusiastic information, and conveys the information to any level in an interesting and wonderful way, and a distinguished presentation,,,
Special thanks to him. May he be well.

And Captain Ehab Abu El-Ela,
Distinguished in performance, and also conveys information in a professional and enjoyable way, very valuable information, and a wonderful giving of information.
Also, special thanks to him.

friendship. Hossam Abdel-Aty is wonderful in nutrition.

And Captain Amir Eid in special sick cases
Ahmed Amin in Marketing and Communication Skills.
And Captain Rafael in the online training, Blessed be the Most Merciful, was very distinguished in the application with Captain Ziyad, and I benefited a lot from the practical explanation and application in it,,

And its conclusion was held with Captain Nehme in the practical attendance training. It was very elegant and wonderful, and its information was very valuable. ,,,,

And thanks to all the team members at the Fitness Pioneers Academy, Mrs. Amal, from the beginning of registration to the end of the course, and her paperwork, and Mrs. Lina in my attendance. May God make them happy.

To follow them with us step by step in everything,,

Thank you, Pioneers of Fitness, for giving, organizing, coordinating, and caring in my name and the name of all its participants ???

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