mashaeil ghazi mashaeil ghazi


I proudly joined the Fitness Pioneers Academy to be one of its students and hold the title of Personal Trainer
At the beginning of the foundation course, the secretariat of Dr. Ziad and Captain Ehab realized that physical exercise without knowledge and knowledge is useless.
The Secretariat sought the subtraction and accuracy of the explanation, giving each point its right, wideness and spaciousness issued for any inquiry, even if it was simple.
The personal trainer opened the doors of science and work, understanding the individual and physical differences between people, and understanding the principles of human formation, including physiology and anatomy. It opened up greater horizons for me to understand sports and its modern methods. I joined more than one course that still supports me and helps me improve my athletic and cognitive levels.
As for the (core specialist course), it is a qualitative transfer with different and distinguished information and performance, in which Coach Ehab created a strong and useful role for everyone on the practical, cognitive and personal levels.
All gratitude and gratitude to all the academic family, especially Ms. Amal and Ms. Lina, for the speedy communication and understanding of the trainees' needs and the classy handling.

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