khudrat alsibyanii khudrat alsibyanii


I am talking about my experience of obtaining courses with the Fitness Pioneers Academy, by the grace of God, from 2018, the first personal trainer course, and in 2020 I got the personal trainer course to obtain a license from the Ministry of Sports, Saudi Arabia, and it was one of the most beautiful courses, thanks to God, then the honorable teachers, Dr. Ziyad and Captain Ehab, I learned from them A lot in my field of work as a personal trainer in training adults and children and people with chronic diseases. Praise be to God, I succeeded in this field, and after that I got a pregnancy and postpartum training course and a comprehensive nutrition course. And this course added to me a lot of success in my training and practical field, and I got the football course for Captain Ehab, and its conclusion was holding a course rich in new valuable information in the world of sports. My income has increased, thank God, and I am currently continuing to complete the upcoming courses, the muscular separation course, the flexibility course, and the hematopoietic nutrition course Dallah, we learned with the Fitness Pioneers Academy that the passion for learning is the secret of success............... Good luck to all........ The coach is a boyish peach

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