Hanan Al Harthy Hanan Al Harthy


What do I say about fitness pioneers?

What word can describe this great entity, God bless you?

I am with you from 2018 because today is true, and God is responsible for my words. You are a professional job. I remember your beginnings and how day by day you grew up. I remember who said a word to Captain Ihab.

I studied in this place of training, and I looked at many curricula and tested them, including ISSA and many others. You are a difficult number.

You have an honesty. I testify to God that you provide information. What is God, take and give money? No, you know how as a coach you fear God in what you teach How to maintain the health of what you have How to be a publisher for good

I love fitness pioneers and my testimony among them is wounded, but God bears witness to what I said other than the truth. You are a difficult number and a fierce competitor in the market. I am aware of and follow up on the market and content. Sports. You are not among you. 2 End

Fitness Pioneers #1

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