Noha Al-Ariani Noha Al-Ariani


Frankly, I used to specialize in physical education at the university, but when I entered, the major was available to male students only
And when God honored me, and I found the Fitness Pioneers website, I set a goal to fulfill the wish I had wanted for years.
And thank God that you offer the courses remotely, because I am from the Emirates, and this was after the generosity of the Lord of the worlds upon him, and thank God the journey has begun.
I took three courses with Captain Ehab, the anatomy course, the sports training course, the muscle mass course, and the squat course.
I swear to God, one of the most wonderful courses and Captain Ehab, God bless him and for the wonderful, capable and easy explanation who gave us the courses.
I also took two courses with Dr. Talaat Abdullah, a physiotherapist, a course of stability exercises and a course of sports injuries. Also, Masha Allah, for his wonderful and accurate explanation in ensuring that the information is conveyed correctly.
I took a strength and conditioning course with Dr. Ziad, frankly, the course was a big leap for me
I began to feel that the level of information I had became greater and higher. The course was addressing the trainers and I was still at the beginning of the journey. I felt myself growing and my level became with the trainers. I took the test and got a full mark in it. I was happy all day, I felt that I had achieved a great achievement
And yet, God willing, it will be completed with you
May God preserve and make every individual happy and a professor in the pioneers of fitness because you offer the courses at the highest level, and by the way, I am a mathematics teacher, and I swear to God that every person who taught me with you gives with all sincerity and from his heart and with the highest level of explanation

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