The magic of Al-Uhaidib The magic of Al-Uhaidib

fitness training

A leading academy that competes strongly in the provision of sports sciences, following up on continuous development in the sports field, a group of the most wonderful professors who are qualified in clarifying and simplifying the various subjects, keen to provide the quality of science to the simple and specialized recipient.

I joined them for more than two years in different courses and every time I was lucky to be keen on providing quality and strength in the scientific material and presenting topics of interest to the simple and specialized recipient, one of the most important courses I joined/
Personal trainer preparation, sports injuries, strength and conditioning, gained the power of understanding in a simple and smooth style
I ask God to grant them success and to continue to excel in continuous success.

Sahar Al-Uhaidib - Al-Khobar
Sports coach for more than 5 years
(personal, group)

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