COach-khdejah COach-khdejah


? It was a dream ?
My dream was to become a certified fitness and physical sport trainer ✌? and thank God I achieved my goal with the Fitness Pioneers Academy and I graduated from the personal trainer course with all merit with the best professors, trainers and great lecturers and took several courses with the academy -
 Personal trainer course.
Comprehensive nutrition course.
Anatomy and training course.
Resistance exercise design course.
Muscle building cycle
- Professional driving course for personal training.
- And many more..I benefited a lot from them, the valuable information and the wonderful style with the professors and the smooth delivery of the information and the prices are excellent. Their goal is to teach and deliver the information to the trainer and the participant. Praise be to God, I became better than before.
I love sports and health, and my goal is to make a healthy life easy and enjoyable.
I thank all the Academy's administrators with all my heart, and I wish you further success and progress.
Thank you Pioneers Fitness Academy.

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