Fitness Pioneers announces the launch of the sixth meeting of the Mo'ameen initiative, which is a free monthly initiative to answer questions and inquiries and discuss market challenges in the sports field

The goal of this initiative is to provide assistance and answer your questions and inquiries in the sports field, and to discuss the challenges you face as athletes or coaches in the sports field. And listen to your stories and experiences

Among what distinguishes the Daameen initiative is that we will hold a competition in each meeting, in which we will present many valuable prizes, and the selection of the winners will be completely random.

If you have questions in the sports field, you want to know their answers?

Do you have an experience or success story that you would like to share?

Would you like to learn and benefit and at the same time win a prize?

Daameen initiative is your place

Join us for the fifth meeting of the Da'ameen initiative
Next Saturday, July 4, online on the Zoom application, with Prof. Dr. Ziad Issa Zayed
And Dr. Osama Mahran and K. Ihab Abu Al-Ela at 08:00 pm, Mecca time

To register, click here