The Fitness Pioneers Academy is pleased to announce the start of the Certified Personal Trainer course next week, specifically on Thursday 3 December 2020, which will continue until Saturday, January 16, 2021.

The seminar is provided by the Fitness Pioneers Academy in accordance with European standards, for a period of 88 accredited training hours, which hopes to achieve the goals and aspirations of ambitious people in the field of sports training, for the first time the lectures in Arabic, the book in Arabic, as well as the exam in Arabic.

It is worth noting that the lecturers of the course are an elite group of academic professors, and certified trainers in the field of sports training in the Kingdom and the Arab world, such as Professor Ziyad Issa Zayed, Professor of Physiology of Exercise and the distinguished lecturer, Captain Ihab Abu Al-Ela, Dr. Hala Al-Trabelsi, the distinguished captain, Nima Abdel-Razek, and others from the elite of the lecturers. In the field of sports training and sports management.

For course details, you can visit the personal trainer course page from here PERSONAL TRAINER COURSE