Within the efforts of  Fitness Pioneers Academy for Sports Training and Sports Consulting, in the constant and relentless search for strategic partnerships, with major national institutions, bodies and local and international organizations working in the field of sports, training and fitness, Fitness Pioneers obtained the accreditation of the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).

This cooperation comes as an important step on the path of development that the fitness pioneers are moving towards developing its training programs according to the latest modern international standards in the field of sports training, and to provide new training programs and courses that serve in the development and development of the sports sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all its employees and those interested in fitness, sports nutrition and training Sportsman.

Fitness Pioneers Academy also always seeks to provide its training programs for those interested in the sports field, not only within the Kingdom, but in all Arab countries, through training courses that it offers remotely (online), to achieve the greatest benefit from those strong training courses approved by international accreditation bodies .