Khadija Saadeddine Khadija Saadeddine

Certified Trainer

I love the field of sports and diet, and for a long time I search and search and read and go through several experiences.. in search of a goal inside me and my ambition is great because I reach a dream in my mind and mind. Right..and the years rolled by and with many mistakes and mistakes in the wrong diet and exercise.. I used to go back to the weight that did not satisfy me at all.. and I had diabetes and pain in the joints and a knee injury that torn his ligaments and lacerated the soap bone and cartilage and resorted to practical work.. and I was trying hard to keep With clubs and free exercises .. all according to my ability and my knowledge and my search for the right science until I signed up for courses with the pioneers of fitness .. and it was my real and right start.
I began to learn and learn, and the hope and dream became clear before my eyes, and I had a passion to learn more.
The big move was when I studied and took a personal trainer was a big move for me
I knew how to train personally and how to train the participants with me, whether in the club, as an assistant coach or from a distance..
 Especially the anatomy, it added a lot to me with the pioneers of fitness, with the best trainers and distinguished professors, and they gave us, as well as many courses, including the comprehensive nutrition program. Very excellent, and I learned a lot of information from her, and I understood the types of diet and for several age groups, according to diseases and what suits them..I am still searching to learn.
And many courses in this field with fitness pioneers, including them..
Self-development and marketing course for the successful athlete.
Designing resistance training programmes.
- Secrets of muscle mass and squats.
Energy expense and weight control.
Sports anatomy and integrated training program.
Professional driving
The physical activity of the elderly.
The physiology of physical exertion
Comprehensive sports training program.
⁃ Sports Injury Course.

I benefited from many of the courses and programs that I attended with the pioneers of fitness with a selection of the best professors. To deliver the information, the simple, smooth explanation and the valuable information.
And God willing, my passion for learning and knowledge revealed to me many of the mysteries of this field, thanking you for all the courses and programs you offer us, and we aspire to obtain an advanced diploma in several fields of sports.

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