Turki Al-Zubaidi Turki Al-Zubaidi


Peace, mercy and blessings of God
I am Turki Al-Zubaidi from Jeddah
I have been practicing sports for about 15 years
I participated with Fitness Pioneers Academy in these courses, including:
Personal trainer course
Comprehensive nutrition course
sports nutrition
Anatomy and training course
Resistance training course
Stability training course
And other courses related to injuries and rehabilitation
Many of these courses have benefited from their use in exercise and nutrition programmes.
Through these courses, I was able to improve the use of information in the exercises and was able to reach a better level because of my knowledge of the correct ways to perform the exercises.
From the nutrition course, I was able to control my weight and reach the weight that suits me in a scientific and correct way. I also benefited from the course of stability exercises to treat or get rid of pain that has been going on with me for several years.
All thanks and appreciation to the Fitness Pioneers Academy for the useful and valuable courses

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