Mawadda Al-Muzaini Mawadda Al-Muzaini


I attended the Sports Anatomy Specialist course immediately after the personal training course and benefited greatly from it because it is an advanced and professional content for the muscular system.
First of all, I would like to thank Captain Ehab Abu Al-Ela, God willing, he is a wonderful and capable trainer and his effort in presenting. I thank him, although it is necessary, but he saved everything to provide us with clear and easy information, especially the explanation on the 3D program and the practical exercises.
The second thing is the session in which you feel the greatness of the Creator, Glory be to Him, and how the human body is created with such precision that the tongue cannot describe it.
Honestly, I benefited from the course knowing all the muscles of the body, small and large, external and deep, and how they relate to each other and to other devices, and the way to exercise them correctly. I also learned the common mistakes in exercises and how it is a very simple mistake that can waste the trainee's effort or may expose him to injuries.
The course is very wonderful and important for anyone in the sports field, and I thank Fitness Pioneers Academy for providing this special course.

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