Ibtisam Al-Ghanim Ibtisam Al-Ghanim


It's not the first time I've joined the Fitness Pioneers courses, and it's not the last
I have learned and continue to learn from top lecturers who are accredited
 On reliable scientific basis

Despite my repeated studies in anatomy, I never regretted joining the last anatomy course with fitness pioneers. Frankly, my curiosity aroused Captain Ehab through his information and praise of the trainers.

It was a wonderful addition and experience, and the lecturer, Ehab, was at the top of the splendor in delivering and simplifying information, and above all (an inspiring person).
Sports anatomy is not easy and requires practice. It helps every trainer and coach to develop himself in the training field and help his participants to know the defects of the body and fix them and correct some common exercises mistakes

Thank you to Captain Ehab and everyone who contributed to this wonderful work

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