zuhur alqarnii zuhur alqarnii


First, I would like to thank all those in charge of this course, including professors, producers, and organizers. They are great efforts that deserve a pause of respect and appreciation.
Secondly, as soon as I saw the announcement of the course and its being practical applications, I did not hesitate for a moment to register.. because most of the courses depend on the presentation of the scientific material only, and often the practical application part is very short and not enough to cover what was presented in the theoretical side..
There is a great link between theoretical study and practical application, so you cannot do the work without having the necessary and necessary information to implement this work..
I liked this course because I was finally able to apply what I learned in books, not only that, but also under the supervision of experts who have sold in this field, which increased the credibility of the content and enriched it a lot..
I benefited a lot from the teachers’ instructions and directives.. This course affected my outcome in a way that you cannot imagine.. I have a large and varied outcome of exercises and the names of the training sessions.. It helped me overcome my shyness and increased my confidence in myself and my performance while facing the audience..
I can only say thank you..and I hope that there will be more specialized practical applications courses so that those who are interested, and I am the first of them to get more from you..You have really proven that you are always the pioneers..

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