Designing resistance training programs

an introduction
Resistance exercises are part of the exercises that aim to increase physical fitness, as they train the muscles of the body to resist any force they encounter through muscle tissue contractions. It is known that resistance training is very important for women and there is no sport on earth except resistance training has a major role and an essential part of it.
resistance training course for women
It is a comprehensive course for everything the coach needs, and it is approved by the most powerful training authorities in the world. The scientific material is designed to be a reference for the coach in his professional life to reach professionalism in sports training.
Training topics to be studied (themes)
- Designing resistance training programs for women (endurance, bulking, strength)
Physiological changes associated with resistance training
Natural hormonal changes for women and their relationship to resistance training
Resistance training methods and systems
Resistance training according to the direction of muscle work
Practical applications
Course dates
Starts Thursday, November 18, 2021
The duration of the course is 3 training days with 9 hours
The number of continuing education hours is 9 hours
The trainee receives a certificate accredited by the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

Captain Ehab Abu Ela
 Certified Sports Coaching Coach, Lecturer, Author and International Coach
At the end of the women's resistance training session, you will be able to:
- Designing a training program for any player practicing any sport: football, basketball, iron, fitness, etc. etc.
- Designing a training program according to the hormonal change that occurs to women on an ongoing basis, and how to achieve the greatest results from that
- You will practically learn about 15 methods and systems of resistance training with which you fight any obstacles that you encounter with any trainee such as weight stability, inability to carry more weights, stability improvement, etc. etc.
- You will learn how to convince any trainee of the importance of resistance training and achieve additional income for you
- You will learn how to design a training schedule that will make you the best personal trainer in resistance training
 Training method
The study is conducted via the distance training system via the Internet, and the lectures are interactive using the latest virtual classroom systems to implement a direct and fully interactive training process between the lecturers and the trainees, and those lectures are also recorded throughout the duration of the study in the training program so that the trainees can re-watch them later after the end of the lectures
Why join the American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified resistance training course offered by Fitness Pioneers Academy?
• Fitness Pioneers Academy is characterized by providing professional training content that combines scientific theories and practical application
• Distinguished training methods based on knowledge of the needs of the Arab market and using interactive workshops, video presentations and presentations.
• Fitness Pioneers Academy is keen to present the scientific material in Arabic while preserving the scientific terminology in English and the test in Arabic
• Fitness Pioneers Academy is keen to provide a set of materials that facilitate the process of transferring experiences and knowledge to the practical practice of job duties.

The training materials used by fitness pioneers vary between:
• Books and publications that help you gain a deeper understanding of the training program material
• Professional Power Point Presentations
• Designing the program according to the needs of the market in the clubs