Designing of Fitness Program Course 2021

The design of fitness programs is one of the most important works that a successful coach performs. The achievement of the trainees’ goals, whether individuals or groups, depends on the coach’s ability to design fitness programs for them in a scientific and codified manner that contributes to achieving those goals. This is done through an in-depth study of the training loads and how they are formed and planning for the daily, weekly and monthly training unit.
As well as full knowledge of the overlap between these training units and how to form them in order to ensure access to the highest levels of sports while avoiding excessive training or the occurrence of sports injuries. 


Axes of course:

- Components of a training load

- Adaptation to training loads

- Principles of athletic training

- Vital variables in training (repetition, sets, rest, rhythm ... etc.)

- Modern sports training methods

- Fitness program design templates


Benefits of the course and things that you will be able to do after the course ends:

- Providing students with basic information about the components of fitness programs.

- Knowledge of the basic elements of the components of the training load and the vital variables of training programs.

- Develop the trainees' ability to design standardized training programs according to the correct scientific foundations.


Fitness Program Design Course aims to qualify trainees to be able to design training programs following the performance requirements. This course will be conducted over 9 hours divided into 2 days of online training, by 4:30 hours a day.