Design of Resistance training programs course - online

Fitness Pioneers Academy for Sports Training offers a course of  Design of Resistance training programs, a 3-day online course with a total of 9 training hours, accredited by the Saudi Federation of Sports Medicine. Presented by the distinguished lecturer, Captain Ihab Abu Al-Ola.

Course Themes:

Physiological effects of resistance training.
Genetics and its relationship to resistance training.
Physiology of resistance training in women.
Resistance training for children according to each age group.
Resistance training for the elderly.
- The training unit in detail (general warm-up - calming - breathing - range of motion)
- How to professionally design a resistance training program to build strength, bulk, and muscular endurance.
Designing a resistance training program according to the direction of muscular work.
Modern methods of resistance training.

Certificate and accreditation:

Certified certificate from the Saudi Federation for Sports Medicine.