Core Training Specialist 2

:an introduction

The torso, core or body nuclei - the core - is a part of the human body located between the bottom of the pelvis and the diaphragm and its main task is to maintain and protect the spine, also the abdominal muscles represent part of your torso where the core muscles compress or embrace the spine, which relieves pressure on the body . These muscles work hard together to achieve balance in the spine in addition to being a basic stabilizing factor for the body. Another reason why the core muscle is so important and different from other muscles is that it moves through three levels of movement and many other things we learn about in detail in this session.

The aim of the program:

Identify the core, the middle area, or the core of the body

Learn about the importance of this area of ​​the body

Graduating a batch of qualified trainers to deal with various cases such as pregnancy, childbirth and overweight people and avoiding injuries and problems resulting from weak muscles of the middle region


Target group :

Physical education students and graduates

Interested in working in the health club field?

Interested in working in the field of training and fitness GYM


Training topics to be studied (themes)

Introduction to the anatomy and functional mechanics of the muscles of the central region

The effect of pregnancy, childbirth and posture problems on the central region

The effect of excess weight and sleeve operations on the central region

The effect of aging on the central region

Injuries that occur due to weak muscles of the middle region

Multiple tests to assess the functional performance of the performance of the central region

Therapeutic exercises to activate the muscles of the deep central region

Common exercises that should be avoided because of their negative impact on the middle area

Exercises that must be practiced constantly to stabilize the central region

Advanced functional exercises to develop advanced athletic performance

Add course dates and hours

The course duration is 6 training days with 20 hours

The number of continuing education hours is 20 hours

The trainee receives a certificate accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine, ACSM

Core you will be able to:

A complete understanding of the anatomy of the central, deep and superficial regions

The ability to evaluate and use the tests specific to the area of ​​the Korea

Designing training and corrective programs for the Al-Kur region

Ability to handle functional exercises for athletes

Training method

The study is conducted by the distance training system via the Internet, and the lectures are interactive using the latest virtual classroom systems to implement a direct and fully interactive training process between the lecturers and the trainees, and those lectures are also recorded throughout the duration of the study in the training program so that the trainees can re-watch them later after the end of the lectures

Why join the course of a core specialist accredited by the American College, provided by the Fitness Pioneers Academy? for Sports Medicine? ACSM

• Because the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) uses the highest standards in its programming and courses under the name of the gold standard
• Because ACSM is considered one of the strongest sports certificates in the world, and it is the oldest training body that was established in 1954 AD, and it offers continuing education hours.
• The Fitness Pioneers Academy is also distinguished by providing professional training content that combines scientific theories and practical application
• Distinguished training methods based on knowledge of the needs of the Arab market and using interactive workshops, video presentations and presentations.
• Fitness Pioneers Academy is keen to present the scientific material in Arabic while preserving the scientific terminology in English and the test in Arabic
• Fitness Pioneers Academy is keen to provide a set of materials that facilitate the process of transferring experiences and knowledge to the practical practice of job duties.
The training materials used by fitness pioneers vary between:
• Books and publications that help you gain a deeper understanding of the training program material
• Professional Power Point Presentations
• Designing the program according to the needs of the market in the clubs

: the lecturer

Captain Ehab Abu Ela

International author certified lecturer in sports training