Sports Nutrition Jan

We all realize that without proper nutrition, you will not be able to achieve the goals that you seek to achieve from sports
This is because sports and food complement each other, and the importance of nutrition increases for you as an athlete and coach because you exercise regularly.

With the Sports Nutrition course, you will learn about macronutrients, energy balance, the role of nutrition in the prevention and recovery of sports injuries, nutritional supplements and micronutrients.

You will also learn about planning high-protein meals, designing nutritional programs to lose weight and increase muscle size, and ways to prepare a balanced nutritional program for various sports


Course themes

• Introduction to athletes' nutrition
• Nutrients
• Body patterns and Metabolism
• Methods of measuring body components
Calorie calculation
• Designing the nutritional program for athletes
• Sports drinks
• Carbohydrate loading before competition
• Organizing meals on the day of the competition
• Nutritional supplements



Course start date

Starting January 30, 2022

The duration of the course is 3 training days with 9 hours


The lecturer

Dr. Muhammad Al-Nahhas

Doctor, Department of Individual Sports Training,
Doctor, Department of Clinical Nutrition


The trainee obtains a certificate accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine (CECs) (ACSM).