Energy expense and weight control September

In order to achieve your sports goals, whether it is to lose, increase or maintain your weight, you must follow some basic scientific principles with the Energy Expenditure and Weight Control Course approved by the US National Council on Strength and Fitness.

Course themes

• Method of calculating the daily energy expenditure
• Scientific methods for calculating ideal body weight
• Energy production systems and their relationship to weight control
• Weight control through food and exercise

Course details

Course hours

3 . hours

The course starts at




Prof. Dr. Ziad Issa Zayed

Professor of Physiology of Exercise and Fitness

Certified international lecturer for several international bodies




The trainee is certified by the US National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) CECs


Special discount on the occasion of National Day
Only 92 riyals instead of 300 riyals

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