dawrat al'iinfisal aleadalii nufimbir

Muscular separation is a common injury that causes pain and discomfort, and is repeated in many people, it occurs for men and women in the stages of pregnancy and after childbirth due to excess weight in the midsection, and it also occurs in many athletes. It can occur in different places along the abdomen, and there is also a dorsal separation that occurs in the lumbar region


if I were...........?

Coach or trainer and you have cases of muscle separation?

A coach or trainer and loved or wanted to protect yourself from muscle separation?

Do you exercise and suffer from muscle separation?

Pregnant and afraid of a muscle separation?

The muscle separation course is the only course in the Arab world that will provide you with all the information, exercises, correct performance and full understanding of muscle separation.


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Course themes

Abdominal anatomy
• The role of pelvic floor muscles and fascia in the occurrence of muscle separation
• Reasons for the occurrence of muscle separation
• the muscles responsible for its occurrence
• Tests and methods for diagnosing a muscle spasm
• Modern methods to avoid the occurrence of muscle separation
• Methods of treating muscle separation
• Adhesive tape and abdominal belt
• Stabilization exercises for muscle separation
• exercises and correct performance
• Designing a training program (rehabilitation - preventive)
• practical application



K / Ihab Abu Al-Ala

Lecturer, Author and Certified International Trainer in Athletic Training One of the authors of Resistance Training for Professional Trainer ACSM-NCSF-ISSA-ACE-EUROP ACYIVE-SAUDI REPS



The trainee receives a certificate accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) CECs


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Captain/ Ahmed Al Omar