Functional exercise course

After you apply the concepts and use the training methods and tools explained in this course, you will be able to help clients achieve their fitness and goals more efficiently, in addition to increasing agility, coordination and body balance, accelerating recovery from injuries and protection from them, in addition to maintaining and strengthening joint activity and relieving back pain by helping clients To restore the correct function and movement by using different means such as stretching, activation, movement preparation, developing different movement patterns, using different muscle strength building exercises, foam rolling exercises and medical ball exercises


Course themes

Restoration of function and movement includes
Preparing and preparing the joint
• Mobilization (packing)
• Activation
• Motion setting
• lengthening

Develop different movement patterns and include
• Traction exercises (TRX)
• Crawling movements
3. Strength-building exercises, including:
• * Body weight exercises.
• Deadlifts exercises

Foam rolling techniques
medicine ball exercises



Course details

Course hours

It consists of 10 hours of in-person training

The course starts at




Dr.. Hala Trabelsi



The trainee receives a certificate approved by the American Council on Exercise (CECs-ACE).