Chorus specialist course August 2023

What is the ball or the middle area or the core of the body?
It is a group of bones, joints, and muscles all in the midsection

What is the importance of this area to the body?
It works on the stability and balance of the whole body in all positions, whether standing, sitting, or during exercise, and prevents loss of balance, and connects the upper and lower parts of the body.

And we have a rule in Al-Kor that says:

Proper posture activates the deep core muscles automatically, meaning that if there is any imbalance in the posture, there will be no activation in the deep core muscles even if you stretch them. Therefore, ball training starts from assessing the strength.

How to market yourself as a CORE specialist
- How to open a new market for yourself in CORE training

CORE bone anatomy
- Muscular anatomy of the CORE region
Functional anatomy of the CORE

- Secrets of the functions of the ball muscles
- Secrets of the muscles supporting the muscles of the ball
Three-dimensional breathing secrets

ABCI calendar strategy
- Common injuries that occur due to poor ball
- Tests to evaluate the functional performance of the Al-Kour area
- Advanced functional exercises to develop advanced sports performance
- Specialized exercises for the deep core muscles
- Specialized exercises for the superficial ball muscles
- Flexibility of fascia while closing the eyes
- Exercises to be avoided during the ball exercise
- Old and recent scientific studies and research for football

- Alcor for maximum strength
- Chorus for muscular ability
The classic chorus
- Alcor for stability
- Alcor for endurance
- Alcor for six packs

  • Designing an integrated core program for beginners
    Designing an integrated core program for applicants
    Practical application of a case study and ways to deal with it
    Practical application of more than 100 ball exercises
  • Accreditation:

    The trainee obtains a certificate approved by

    American College of Sports Medicine ACSM (CECs)