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-sports anatomy specialist


The program of the sports anatomy specialist, during the identification of the natural body composition, makes the movement of the joints, the work of the muscles and their formation, and then how to use them


And the correct ways to perform the various exercises and movements?


The problems you get after you correct them are recognized and treated.


Anatomy is an important and basic pillar of sciences that depend on it, which are all sciences and natural treatment, as they are identified through stadium injuries from which treatment and preparation methods begin and among them.


Beginning from start to finish Professionalism, good, training in the field of training.



Course themes

Descriptive anatomy
• Muscular anatomy
Functional anatomy
• muscular work
• Types of muscle fibers
motor unit
• Mechanics of muscle action
• Bones - joints - ligaments - tendons
• Training


Application (100 exercises with correct technique and range of motion)


• Anatomy of the muscles of the upper extremity
• Anatomy of the muscles of the back - humerus - forearm
• Basic chest muscle anatomy - respiratory muscles
• Anatomy of the superficial - deep back - neck muscles
• Anatomy of the anterior abdominal muscles and the organ
• Anatomy of the muscles of the limb extremities
• Anatomy of the gluteal muscles
• Anatomy of the thigh muscles
• Anatomy of the leg muscles
• Secrets and mysteries of anatomy



Course benefits

• The ability to correctly understand the descriptive and functional anatomy of body systems
• Thorough knowledge of all major and auxiliary muscles
• The ability to link activities and activities
• You will learn practical exercises
• Analysis and understanding of the interrelationship between muscles and their relationship to sports injuries




The trainee receives a certificate accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)


Prof. Ziad Issa Zayed
Professor of exercise physiology and physical fitness
Certified international lecturer


Captain Ehab Abu Ela
Athletic Training Coach, Lecturer, Author and International Coach