Women's training course

Women's training is considered one of the important areas in physical fitness, because women have a specificity in the physical structure and anatomical structure of the body in terms of fat and muscle proportions in addition to the structural differences between them and men, and in this course we give you the opportunity to learn more about the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the devices Women's body functions, and how to deal with the assessment of health and physical condition as well as posture, leading to the design and construction of a standardized training program aimed at developing and enhancing the elements of physical fitness for women in particular.

Course themes

• An introduction to the functional anatomy of the pelvic bones
• Pelvic muscles and their functions in women
• A comparison between the bones and muscles of the pelvis in men and women
• The distribution and accumulation of fats in men and women and their impact
• The effect of exercise on the body
• Types of muscle contractions
• The different physiological stages in a woman's life
• Common injuries among women of different ages
• Aerobic exercise and its impact on avoiding injuries
• Evaluations for women
• Static and moving strength tests
• Designing the training program for women
• Promoting and developing the elements of fitness for women
• Special exercises for women
• Women's Exercise Guidelines (Overcoming Exercise Barriers + Feedback)

Course details

The number of hours of the course

It is 10 hours of training

The course starts at


The lecturer

Dr.. Mahitab Mustafa

Master's degree in physiotherapy for gynecological diseases - Cairo University
Certified Chiropractor for Orthopedic and Spine Diseases

K. Nima Othman

Certified state coach
Certified international lecturer in sports training


The trainee obtains a certificate approved by

US National Council on Strength and Fitness NCSF-CECs


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