Resistance training and nutrition for muscle mass, November 2023

In order to achieve your goal of muscle mass, you must combine training and nutrition.

Now with a course
"Resistance training and nutrition for muscle mass"

Course topics
Muscle bulking agents
Motor range and its types
Repetitions, sets, and intensity for muscle hypertrophy
Measuring training intensity for muscle mass
Compound exercises and isolation exercises in muscle hypertrophy
Methods and systems that help with muscle mass
Designing a training program for muscle mass
Nutritional factors for muscle mass
Nutritional supplements that help with muscle mass
Ratios and types of macronutrients for muscle mass
Number of meals, timing of meals for muscle mass
Preparing and designing a nutritional program to increase muscle mass

And other powerful and important topics that will help you reach your goal in less time and in a correct manner ✅️

Course start date

2023 starts November 27-28

The duration of the course is 2 days, 6 hours of training


The lecturer🎙

Captain/ Ihab Abu Al-Ela
Certified in sports training, lecturer, author and international coach

- Dr. Muhammad Al-Nahhas

Doctor at the Faculty of Physical Education, Helwan University

Certified international lecturer in sports nutrition


The trainee obtains the US National Council on Strength and Fitness   (NCSF)CEC certification