Personal trainer foundation course

Before you take any step or decide to enter the sports field and become a coach, you must be properly established and learn more about the field of personal training


With this free course that we offer, we will explain to you all the basics that you need and will introduce you to the personal training profession, what are its requirements, what are the steps that you will take, and how to overcome challenges in order to become a coach


We will start with you from scratch and explain to you the ethics of the profession, the skills you need, the types of personal trainer, and you will learn with us about the sections of health clubs and the guidelines for cardio and resistance equipment in them


We offer all this to you free of charge and by lecturers specialized in the field over a period of 3 days


This course is offered to all Academy trainees before the start of the personal trainer course in order to ensure that the trainee is fully prepared for the personal trainer course. One of us also distinguishes us that we offer another free additional course after the completion of the personal trainer course under the title (Self-development and marketing for the successful personal trainer). We aim by integrating these two courses with the personal trainer course to make the trainer course a comprehensive and integrated course in all respects in order to graduate trainers Qualified and ready to enter the labor market


In order to learn properly you must be properly grounded




Course start date and hours




10 hours of training






Prof. Ziad Issa Zayed


Dr. Ahmed Al-Amin


K. Ehab Abul Ela