Fitness Pioneers Development Course Package (Sports Injury Package)

Fitness Pioneers Academy for Sports Training offers a package of sports injuries approved by the International Fitness Organization IFA, consisting of three strong courses with different axes that complement each other, provided to us by Dr. Medhat Qassem and Dr. Talaat Abdullah.

The Gold Package consists of:

1- Sports Injuries and Physical Rehabilitation Course Certificate of the Saudi Federation of Sports Medicine
2- Designing Sports Rehabilitation Programs Course (IFA International Fitness Organization)
3- Acute and Chronic Sports Injuries Course (Asta Academy for Sports Training)

The silver package contains:

1- Sports injuries and physical rehabilitation course
2- A course in designing sports rehabilitation programs

A pleasant surprise

For everyone who subscribes to the Pioneers of Sports Fitness in two rounds or more, they will get the Gold package with the value of the Silver package

Course Themes:
Sports Physical Injury Course:
Introduction to types of injuries
Muscle injuries (contracture-pull-lacerations)
Bone injuries (broken bone - bone bruise)
How to prepare and design a physical rehabilitation program
Practical applications
Methods of preventing injuries
The latest sports recovery methods
Sports Rehabilitation Program Design Course:
Differences between the five elements of qualification
The hierarchy of rehabilitation
Applied Models
The acute and chronic sports injuries course:
Definition of acute and chronic injury
The difference between acute and chronic infection
Causes of injuries
Methods of dealing with acute and chronic injuries
Course lecturers:
Dr. Medhat Qassem
Dr. Talaat Abdullah