Certified Personal Trainer Course

 Personal training is the most advanced profession in the current era as personal training is in a state of continuous growth and progress and there is a range of potential career opportunities for individuals interested in becoming coaches

 Aim of the program:
Rehabilitation of the personal trainer in health clubs - the gym, where the participants in this training program acquire all the administrative and technical skills necessary to succeed in this field, such as the concepts of sports training, load planning, kinematic analysis in the sports field and how to deal with them, the study is done online through the Internet through interactive lectures through Virtual Classroom System. And my presence in the club through practical lectures

 Targeted group:
Physical education students and graduates
• Those interested in working in the field of health clubs
• Those interested in working in the field of GYM training and fitness

 Personal trainer vision:
Designing, teaching and implementing exercise programs for individuals and evaluating individual exercise programs and physical activities by collecting and analyzing their information to ensure that the individual programs are effective in addition to helping to change behavior and achieve goals

 Training topics to be studied
Chapter One: Physical Fitness
Performance-related fitness components
Health-related fitness components
• Physical activity prescription
• Physical patterns
Chapter Two: Functional Anatomy
• Movement levels
• The skeleton
• Circulatory system
• Musculature
Principle of kinematics and levers
• Healthy posture and curves of the spine
Third semester: Physiology of fitness
Energy production systems
• Blood circulation
• Respiratory system
• the nervous and endocrine system
Aerobic and anaerobic thresholds
• dropping out of training
Chapter 4: Nutrition and Lifestyle
• Nutrients
• Fatty acids
• Methods for determining calories and daily requirement
• Energy expenditure in rest and effort
• The most important diet programs
Chapter Five: Health and Safety Factors
• Public health and sports
• Safety and security factors in physical training
Internal and external incentives for goals
• Islamic culture and values
• Fasting and its effect on exercise
Chapter Six: Health and Physical Assessment
• Health assessment
• Physical evaluation
• Physiological, somatic and physical measurements
• Warm up
Evaluation of postural deformities
• Reference and scientific tests
Chapter Seven: Designing Fitness Programs
• Principles of sports training
Cardiac exercise regimens
Resistance exercise regimens
• Vital variables for the training program
• Designing training programs
Chapter Eight: Designing Resistance Training Programs
Resistance exercise regimens
• The physiology of resistance exercise
Designing resistance training programs
Resistance training for children, women and the elderly
• Training unit in resistance training
Chapter Nine: Communication and Shopping Skills
• The importance and concept of effective communication
• Means and goals of communication
• Basic communication skills
• Shopping skills
• Marketing a personal trainer

Add session dates and hours
The duration of the course is 80 training hours
48 hours of online theoretical training, 12 hours of online practical training, 20 hours of practical training in the club
Add accreditation and its details
At the end of the Personal Trainer you will be able to:
• Designing exercise programs that suit the client's needs and abilities in a professional manner
• Set short, medium and long term goals to ensure the effectiveness of exercise programs and agree on them with the client
• Knowing the role of nutrition in achieving the client’s goal, knowledge of food sources, and how to calculate calories
• Assessing health status and fitness level and collecting and analyzing individuals' information
• - To provide excellent customer service through communication skills and communication with the client
• Work within the standards of the fourth level and learn about the professional standards and restrictions for this level
• Learn the physiology of sports training in addition to how to prepare and principles of training
Training method
The study is carried out via the remote training system via the Internet, and the lectures are interactive using the latest virtual classroom systems to implement a direct and fully interactive training process between the lecturer and the trainees, as well as these lectures are recorded throughout the study period in the training program so that the trainees can re-watch them later after the end of the lecture. And attendance at the club for the practical side
 Why should you enroll in the certified personal trainer programs according to the standards of the American National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) provided by the Pioneers of Fitness Academy?
• The Fitness Pioneers Academy is distinguished by providing professional training content that combines scientific theories and practical application
• Distinguished training methods based on knowledge of the needs of the Arab market, using interactive workshops, video presentations and presentations.
• The Fitness Pioneers Academy is keen to present the scientific material in the Arabic language while preserving the scientific terminology in the English language and the test in the Arabic language
• Pioneers of Fitness Academy is keen to present the practical side within the club due to the importance of the practical side in developing the trainer in an interactive way and preparing him for the work environment.
• Fitness Pioneers Academy is keen to provide a set of materials that facilitate the transfer of expertise and knowledge to the practical practice of the job functions.
The training materials used by fitness pioneers vary between:
• Books and publications that help you gain a deeper understanding of the course material
Professional Power Point Presentations
• Designing the program according to the needs of the market in the clubs