Buttock muscle

The lower body muscles are one of the largest muscle groups in the human body. To achieve balance and build a perfect body, attention must be given to all muscle groups in the body, whether upper or lower. With this course, you will learn the functional importance of one of the most important muscle groups and how to target it in an effective and correct way. Strong and new topics that develop you as an athlete and coach.
Course topics
• The functional and aesthetic importance of the buttocks muscles to achieve the ideal shape
• The influence of genetic genes on the shape and structure of the buttocks
• Resistance exercises and effective training methods for the buttocks area
•  Secrets of strengthening and bulking programs for the buttocks muscles

Course details
Number of course hours
3 hours
The course begins on
Ihab Abu El-Ela
Certified sports coach, lecturer, author and international coach
The trainee obtains a certificate accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine (CECs) (ACSM).