To achieve the best results, we must follow a diet that is compatible with the practice of our exercises.
Many people are frustrated by the fact that after they decided to engage in regular physical activity, they failed to lose weight and even began to gain weight.
It is important to realize that the practice of physical activity must be accompanied by a suitable diet, because the slim and slim appearance with a low fat percentage is the result of 30% physical activity and 70% correct nutrition.
Although 30% appears to be low, the importance of physical activity is still high, as studies indicate that the probability of maintaining a correct weight for a period of time is much less than without physical activity.
Food functions in the body
1. Providing the primary sources to be used as a primary source for supplying the body, especially the muscles, with the energy needed for contractions and motor diastoles.
2. Regulating the processes necessary to activate chemical reactions inside the body to maintain the internal chemical and muscle balance.
3. Providing raw materials for building new cells in the body and maintaining the rebuilding of body tissues, especially damaged ones during movement activity.
4. Providing the necessary materials for making and producing the body's hormones.
5. Providing the necessary materials for the body's immune system.
6. Nutrition is the main body responsible for pumping nerve signals and secreting glands in the body.
7. According to nutrition in the process of reproduction.
The basic ingredients of food
1- Starches or sugars (carbohydrates).
2- Fats.
3- Proteins.
4- Vitamins.
5- Mineral elements.
6- Water.
Dietary supplement in sports nutrition
Supplements and foods are unregulated products marketed to enhance athletic performance. According to the Academy of Sports Medicine, "The ethical use of sports supplements is a personal choice and remains controversial." There are limited supplements backed by clinical research. The Australian Institute of Sport has provided a general guideline on sports performance supplements and foods according to the relevance of scientific evidence:
Sports nutritional: sports drinks, bars, gels, electrolyte supplements, protein supplements, liquid nutritional supplements
Medical supplements: iron, calcium, vitamin D, multivitamins and minerals, omega-3 fatty acids
Performance supplements: Creatine, Caffeine, Sodium Bicarbonate, Beta Alanine, Nitrate