Praise be to God, who created for us these minds and these souls in the best of creation, without deficiency or addition, and commanded us to preserve and develop them under what He loves and is pleased with.

Many of us do not overlook the importance of the effect of regular exercise on the health of the body and building its muscles, coordination and agility, but it is worth noting here the positive effect of these regular exercise exercises on the individual’s psychological and mental health, according to Boldsky’s website, and according to a study conducted by Julia Basso and Wendy Suzuki at the Science Center Neurological at New York University, exercise has an effective effect on combating severe depression and is also known as one of the main antidepressants, as it significantly reduces anxiety and stress by a large percentage, and it is not wrong to say that exercise has a positive effect on the health of the individual Mental, cognitive and creative. Here are some ways that explain the effect of exercise on the brain

Improving the mood .. so that exercise leaves a rapid effect on the hormones in the body, and it is known that these hormones have a key role in improving the mood, improving the quality of sleep .. so that exercise reduces anxiety and psychological tension, and many psychiatrists advise patients with insomnia and stress to exercise Sports for a good healthy lifestyle, enhances exercise strengthens memory and its effect on the brain, as in the study of the American National Center for Biotechnology., it also improves focus, enhances creativity and has a major role in perception and knowledge, as it is Boost self-confidence

A medical study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings on the German Center for Neurological Diseases confirmed new evidence of the relationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and brain health. The results suggested that cardiorespiratory exercises may contribute to better brain health. The health of the individual in all respects, both physical and psychological, as well as mental, and it is necessary to maintain these exercises regularly and with an effort that is not exaggerated, with my sincere wishes for permanent health, balanced minds, and flexible psychological for all members of my community and all other societies.


written by

Noura Meshaal Al-Osaimi

And the third place winner in the Best Sports Essay Competition presented by Pioneers of Fitness